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All the Best in Tennis Odds in the one Locatation

All the Best in Tennis Odds in the one Locatation

Selecting the Right Bookmaker

With over 500 bookmakers on the internet, it can be daunting to decide who to bet with. Punters often ask questions about bookmakers such as "are they safe?", "will I be paid quickly?", "are their odds okay?".

What we have found is that the biggest name bookmakers have the most resources and therefore the best customer services and will pay you much quicker than some of the lesser known ones. However, they also tend to have worse odds than other bookmakers.

We highly recommend Australian bookmakers. Australian bookmakers are regulated by the Government - not an arbitrary body - so they are much safer to bet with than anywhere else in the world. On top of that, you will typically make more money with Australian bookmakers since they offer much better odds than their European counterparts.

Recommended European Bookmakers

Our favourite is Bet365 who offer a great range of markets on most games.
Bet365 is a division of bet365 Group Limited, a leading UK licensed gaming group since 1974. Customers enjoy the widest range of betting opportunities, lines on every international sport, 15% sign-up bonus, exclusive contests and a variety of payment options. Customer service is offered 24hrs/day
Big name bookmaker Ladbrokes is also a safe bet. They have a fantastic range of markets for soccer as well as a plethora of games and contests and a casino. Betting with Ladbrokes also gives you the thrill of betting with the best known bookmaker in the world!
SportingBet UK are also a great bookmaker to have an account with. Their odds are typically higher than other European Bookmakers and they will also give you a 10% signup bonus and 5% bonus if you reload on Thursdays. SportingBet also run lots of games and promotions. Note they are a different entity to SportingBet Australia
Blue Square are also a good place to choose to bet. Their odds are typical for European Bookmakers, however we have found that their odds are often very different to other bookmakers. This opens up more opportunities to get better odds for your bet. Blue Square also have good promotions and will give you a free £10 bet after a couple of bets.

Recommended Australian Bookmakers

Our favourite Australian bookmaker is SportingBet Australia in the NT. Their odds are very good (though not the best out of all bookmakers), and they offer many bonuses and promotions to help you get more from your betting dollar and make up for their slightly lower odds. Customer service is also first rate.
Next we like CanBet from the ACT. CanBet have exceptionally good odds (very often the best). They have a fast, user-friendly website and cover a lot of sports locally and around the globe. They now also have a UK office.

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