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International - Mixed Martial Arts Betting Odds

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Match Time Teams Best Odds Market % +Markets
Bisping M vs Gastelum K 3.50 l 1.35 102.60 +More
Wang G vs Caceres A 2.30 l 1.67 103.48 +More
Gastelum K vs Silva A - l - 0.00 +More
Whittaker R vs Bisping M - l - 0.00 +More
Aldo J vs Holloway M 3.65 l 1.33 102.40 +More
Edgar F vs Holloway M - l - 0.00 +More
Ortega B vs Swanson C 2.05 l 1.80 104.34 +More
Anjos RD vs Lawler R 2.05 l 1.80 104.34 +More
Ferguson T vs McGregor C 2.45 l 1.57 104.45 +More
Aldo J vs McGregor C 2.75 l 1.44 105.59 +More
Diaz N vs McGregor C 2.85 l 1.41 106.10 +More
Holm H vs Justino C 3.45 l 1.32 104.89 +More
Woodley T vs McGregor C 1.61 l 2.35 104.82 +More
Nurmagomedov K vs McGregor C 1.87 l 1.87 106.98 +More
Lesnar B vs Jones J 3.80 l 1.29 103.59 +More
Garbrandt C vs Dillashaw TJ - l - 0.00 +More
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