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  Overeem A vs Arlovski A View  
  Nelson G vs Tumenov A View  
  Struve S vs Silva A View  
  Khabilov R vs Wade C View  
  Hein N vs Tuck J View  
  Smith L vs Justino C View  
  Brown M vs Maia D View  
  Belfort V vs Souza R View  
  Werdum F vs Miocic S View  
  Silva A vs Hall U View  
  Anderson C vs Rua M View  
  Almeida T vs Garbrandt C View  
  Barao R vs Stephens J View  
  Rockhold L vs Weidman C View  
  Faber U vs Cruz D View  
  Green B vs Poirier D View  
  Punk CM vs Gall M View  
  Thompson S vs MacDonald R View  
  Rousey R vs Holm H View  
  Gadelha C vs Jedrzejczyk J View  
  Rousey R vs Tate M View  
  Aldo J vs McGregor C View  
  Edgar F vs McGregor C View  
  Diaz N vs McGregor C View  
  Edgar F vs Aldo J View  
  Gastelum K vs Hendricks J View  
  Browne T vs Velasquez C View  
  Brunson D vs Mousasi G View  
  Lauzon J vs Sanchez D View  
  Miller J vs Gomi T View  
  Nunes A vs Tate M View  
  Northcutt S vs Marin E View  
  Cormier D vs Jones J View  
  Alcantara I vs Casey K View  

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