German Bundesliga 2020/21 Betting Markets

Bayer Leverkusen vs Freiburg on (Round 1) Game Total
Betting Agencies Over 2.50 Under 2.50  
1.69 2.29  
1.62 2.15  
Betting Agencies Over 2.75 Under 2.75  
1.85 2.02  
1.83 2.01  
Betting Agencies Over 3.00 Under 3.00  
2.09 1.78  
2.05 1.80  
Betting Agencies Over 3.25 Under 3.25  
2.42 1.64  
Betting Agencies Over 3.50 Under 3.50  
2.64 1.50  
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Match Betting Total Assists - Lars Bender Total Goals - Vincenzo Grifo Away Team To Score
Asian Handicap Total Assists - Lucas Holer Total Offsides Away Team To Score - 1st Half
Handicap 3 Way Total Assists - Lukas Kubler Total Shots Away Team To Score - 2nd Half
Game Total Total Assists - Manuel Gulde Total Shots - Aleksandar Dragovic Both Teams to Score
Double Chance Total Assists - Moussa Diaby Total Shots - Away Both Teams to Score - 1st Half
1st Half Winner Total Assists - Nadiem Amiri Total Shots - Charles Aranguiz Both Teams to Score - 2nd Half
1st Half Handicap Total Assists - Nicolas Hofler Total Shots - Christian Gunter Clean Sheet - Away
1st Half Total Total Assists - Nils Petersen Total Shots - Daley Sinkgraven Clean Sheet - Home
2nd Half Winner Total Assists - Patrik Schick Total Shots - Dominique Heintz Correct Score
2nd Half Handicap Total Assists - Philipp Lienhart Total Shots - Florian Wirtz Correct Score - 1st Half
2nd Half Total Total Assists - Roland Sallai Total Shots - Home Correct Score - 2nd Half
45min Asian Handicap Total Assists - Sven Bender Total Shots - Janik Haberer Either Team To Score
Draw No Bet Total Assists - Vincenzo Grifo Total Shots - Jonathan Schmid Either Team To Score - 1st Half
Draw No Bet - 1st Half Total Cards Total Shots - Jonathan Tah First Goal Method
Draw No Bet - 2nd Half Total Cards - Away Total Shots - Julian Baumgartlinger First Goal Time
First Card Total Cards - Away - 1st Half Total Shots - Karim Bellarabi Goal In Both Halves
First Corner Total Cards - Away - 2nd Half Total Shots - Kerem Demirbay Goal In Both Nets
First Corner - 1st Half Total Cards - Home Total Shots - Lars Bender Goal In First 15 Minutes
First Corner - 2nd Half Total Cards - Home - 1st Half Total Shots - Lucas Holer Goalscorer - Anytime
Last Card Total Cards - Home - 2nd Half Total Shots - Lukas Kubler Goalscorer - First
Last Corner Total Cards - Yellow Total Shots - Manuel Gulde Goalscorer - First - Away
Last Corner - 1st Half Total Cards - Yellow - 1st Half Total Shots - Moussa Diaby Goalscorer - First - Home
Last Team Yellow Card Total Cards - Yellow - 2nd Half Total Shots - Nadiem Amiri Goalscorer - First And Last
Leader After 60 Mins Total Corners Total Shots - Nicolas Hofler Goalscorer - First Or Last
Most Cards Total Corners - 1st Half Total Shots - Nils Petersen Goalscorer - Last
Most Corners Total Corners - 2nd Half Total Shots - Patrik Schick Goalscorer - Last - Away
Most Corners - 1st Half Total Corners - Away Total Shots - Philipp Lienhart Goalscorer - Last - Home
Most Corners - 2nd Half Total Corners - Away - 1st Half Total Shots - Roland Sallai HT/FT Double
Race To 3 Total Corners - Away - 2nd Half Total Shots - Sven Bender Half With Most Corners
Team To Score First Total Corners - Home Total Shots - Vincenzo Grifo Hat Trick Scored?
Team To Score First - 1st Half Total Corners - Home - 1st Half Total Shots On Goal - Aleksandar Dragovic Highest Scoring Half
Team To Score First - 2nd Half Total Corners - Home - 2nd Half Total Shots On Goal - Charles Aranguiz Home Team To Score
Team To Score Last Total First Over Runs - Away - 1st Half Total Shots On Goal - Christian Gunter Home Team To Score - 1st Half
Team To Score Last - 1st Half Total Fouls Total Shots On Goal - Daley Sinkgraven Home Team To Score - 2nd Half
Team To Score Last - 2nd Half Total Goals - Aleksandar Dragovic Total Shots On Goal - Dominique Heintz Margin Betting
Win Both Halves Total Goals - Charles Aranguiz Total Shots On Goal - Florian Wirtz Margin Betting - 1st Half
Win Either Half Total Goals - Christian Gunter Total Shots On Goal - Janik Haberer Match Odds And Both Teams To Score
Cards Handicap Total Goals - Daley Sinkgraven Total Shots On Goal - Jonathan Schmid Player Sent Off?
Corners Handicap Total Goals - Dominique Heintz Total Shots On Goal - Jonathan Tah Player To Be Carded
Corners Handicap - 1st Half Total Goals - Florian Wirtz Total Shots On Goal - Julian Baumgartlinger Teams to Score
Total - Away Total Goals - Janik Haberer Total Shots On Goal - Karim Bellarabi Time of First Goal
Total - Away - 1st Half Total Goals - Jonathan Schmid Total Shots On Goal - Kerem Demirbay To Score 2 Or More Goals
Total - Away - 2nd Half Total Goals - Jonathan Tah Total Shots On Goal - Lars Bender To Score a Hat Trick
Total - Home Total Goals - Julian Baumgartlinger Total Shots On Goal - Lucas Holer To Win To Nil
Total - Home - 1st Half Total Goals - Karim Bellarabi Total Shots On Goal - Lukas Kubler Total Brackets - Away
Total - Home - 2nd Half Total Goals - Kerem Demirbay Total Shots On Goal - Manuel Gulde Total Brackets - Home
Total Assists - Aleksandar Dragovic Total Goals - Lars Bender Total Shots On Goal - Moussa Diaby Total Corners Brackets - 1st Half
Total Assists - Charles Aranguiz Total Goals - Lucas Holer Total Shots On Goal - Nadiem Amiri Total Corners Brackets - 2nd Half
Total Assists - Christian Gunter Total Goals - Lukas Kubler Total Shots On Goal - Nicolas Hofler Total Goals Brackets
Total Assists - Daley Sinkgraven Total Goals - Manuel Gulde Total Shots On Goal - Nils Petersen Will There Be A Red Card
Total Assists - Dominique Heintz Total Goals - Moussa Diaby Total Shots On Goal - Patrik Schick Will There Be An Own Goal
Total Assists - Florian Wirtz Total Goals - Nadiem Amiri Total Shots On Goal - Philipp Lienhart Win Both Halves - Away
Total Assists - Janik Haberer Total Goals - Nicolas Hofler Total Shots On Goal - Roland Sallai Win Both Halves - Home
Total Assists - Jonathan Schmid Total Goals - Nils Petersen Total Shots On Goal - Sven Bender Win to Nil - Away
Total Assists - Jonathan Tah Total Goals - Patrik Schick Total Shots On Goal - Vincenzo Grifo Win to Nil - Away - 1st Half
Total Assists - Julian Baumgartlinger Total Goals - Philipp Lienhart Total Shots On Target Win to Nil - Home
Total Assists - Karim Bellarabi Total Goals - Roland Sallai Total Shots On Target - Away Win to Nil - Home - 1st Half
Total Assists - Kerem Demirbay Total Goals - Sven Bender Total Shots On Target - Home  
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