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Hoffenheim vs Arminia Bielefeld on (Round 1) Match Betting
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Match Betting Total Assists - Diadie Samassekou Total Goals - Mijat Gacinovic Total Shots On Goal - Mike van der Hoorn
Handicap 3 Way Total Assists - Ermin Bicakcic Total Goals - Mike van der Hoorn Total Shots On Goal - Munas Dabbur
Game Total Total Assists - Fabian Klos Total Goals - Munas Dabbur Total Shots On Goal - Pavel Kaderabek
1st Half Winner Total Assists - Fabian Kunze Total Goals - Pavel Kaderabek Total Shots On Goal - Ritsu Doan
1st Half Handicap Total Assists - Florian Grillitsch Total Goals - Right Footed Total Shots On Goal - Sven Schipplock
1st Half Total Total Assists - Ihlas Bebou Total Goals - Ritsu Doan Total Shots On Target
2nd Half Winner Total Assists - Ishak Belfodil Total Goals - Sven Schipplock Total Shots On Target - Away
2nd Half Handicap Total Assists - Jacob Barrett Laursen Total Offsides Total Shots On Target - Home
2nd Half Total Total Assists - Jacob Bruun Larsen Total Offsides - Away Any Team 3 Unanswered Goals
45min Asian Handicap Total Assists - Joakim Nilsson Total Offsides - Home Away Team To Score
Draw No Bet Total Assists - Kevin Akpoguma Total Saves Away Team To Score - 1st Half
Draw No Bet - 1st Half Total Assists - Kevin Vogt Total Shots Away Team To Score - 2nd Half
Draw No Bet - 2nd Half Total Assists - Manuel Prietl Total Shots - Amos Pieper Both Teams to Score
First Card Total Assists - Marcel Hartel Total Shots - Andrej Kramaric Both Teams to Score - 1st Half
First Corner Total Assists - Mijat Gacinovic Total Shots - Arne Maier Both Teams to Score - 2nd Half
First Corner - 1st Half Total Assists - Mike van der Hoorn Total Shots - Away Clean Sheet - Away
First Corner - 2nd Half Total Assists - Munas Dabbur Total Shots - Cebio Soukou Clean Sheet - Home
Last Card Total Assists - Pavel Kaderabek Total Shots - Cedric Brunner Consecutive Goals
Last Corner Total Assists - Ritsu Doan Total Shots - Christian Gebauer Consecutive Goals - Away
Last Corner - 1st Half Total Assists - Sven Schipplock Total Shots - Christoph Baumgartner Consecutive Goals - Home
Last Team Yellow Card Total Cards Total Shots - Dennis Geiger Correct Score
Leader After 60 Mins Total Cards - Away Total Shots - Diadie Samassekou Correct Score - 1st Half
Most Cards Total Cards - Away - 1st Half Total Shots - Ermin Bicakcic Correct Score - 2nd Half
Most Corners Total Cards - Away - 2nd Half Total Shots - Fabian Klos Either Team To Score
Most Corners - 1st Half Total Cards - Home Total Shots - Fabian Kunze Either Team To Score - 1st Half
Most Corners - 2nd Half Total Cards - Home - 1st Half Total Shots - Florian Grillitsch First Goal Method
Most Fouls Total Cards - Home - 2nd Half Total Shots - Home First Goal Time
Most Offsides Total Cards - Yellow Total Shots - Ihlas Bebou Goal In Both Halves
Most Saves Total Cards - Yellow - 1st Half Total Shots - Ishak Belfodil Goal In Both Nets
Most Shots Total Cards - Yellow - 2nd Half Total Shots - Jacob Barrett Laursen Goal In First 15 Minutes
Most Shots On Target Total Corners Total Shots - Jacob Bruun Larsen Goalscorer - Anytime
Most Throw Ins Total Corners - 1st Half Total Shots - Joakim Nilsson Goalscorer - First
Most Yellow Cards Total Corners - 2nd Half Total Shots - Kevin Akpoguma Goalscorer - First And Last
Most Yellow Cards - 1st Half Total Corners - Away Total Shots - Kevin Vogt Goalscorer - First Or Last
Race To 3 Total Corners - Away - 1st Half Total Shots - Manuel Prietl Goalscorer - Last
Team To Kick Off Total Corners - Away - 2nd Half Total Shots - Marcel Hartel HT/FT Double
Team To Score First Total Corners - Home Total Shots - Mijat Gacinovic Half With Most Corners
Team To Score First - 1st Half Total Corners - Home - 1st Half Total Shots - Mike van der Hoorn Hat Trick Scored?
Team To Score First - 2nd Half Total Corners - Home - 2nd Half Total Shots - Munas Dabbur Highest Scoring Half
Team To Score Last Total First Over Runs - Away - 1st Half Total Shots - Pavel Kaderabek Home Team To Score
Team To Score Last - 1st Half Total Fouls Total Shots - Ritsu Doan Home Team To Score - 1st Half
Team To Score Last - 2nd Half Total Fouls - Away Total Shots - Sven Schipplock Home Team To Score - 2nd Half
Win Both Halves Total Fouls - Home Total Shots On Goal - Amos Pieper Margin Betting
Win Either Half Total Goals - Amos Pieper Total Shots On Goal - Andrej Kramaric Margin Betting - 1st Half
Cards Handicap Total Goals - Andrej Kramaric Total Shots On Goal - Arne Maier Match Odds And Both Teams To Score
Corners Handicap Total Goals - Arne Maier Total Shots On Goal - Cebio Soukou Player Sent Off?
Corners Handicap - 1st Half Total Goals - Cebio Soukou Total Shots On Goal - Cedric Brunner Player To Be Carded
Fouls Handicap Total Goals - Cedric Brunner Total Shots On Goal - Christian Gebauer Teams to Score
Shots Handicap Total Goals - Christian Gebauer Total Shots On Goal - Christoph Baumgartner Time of First Goal
Shots On Target Handicap Total Goals - Christoph Baumgartner Total Shots On Goal - Dennis Geiger To Be Sent Off
Yellow Cards Handicap Total Goals - Dennis Geiger Total Shots On Goal - Diadie Samassekou To Score 2 Or More Goals
Throw Ins Total Total Goals - Diadie Samassekou Total Shots On Goal - Ermin Bicakcic To Score a Hat Trick
Total - Away Total Goals - Ermin Bicakcic Total Shots On Goal - Fabian Klos To Win To Nil
Total - Away - 1st Half Total Goals - Fabian Klos Total Shots On Goal - Fabian Kunze Total Brackets - Away
Total - Away - 2nd Half Total Goals - Fabian Kunze Total Shots On Goal - Florian Grillitsch Total Brackets - Home
Total - Home Total Goals - Florian Grillitsch Total Shots On Goal - Ihlas Bebou Total Goals Brackets
Total - Home - 1st Half Total Goals - Ihlas Bebou Total Shots On Goal - Ishak Belfodil Will There Be A Penalty
Total - Home - 2nd Half Total Goals - Ishak Belfodil Total Shots On Goal - Jacob Barrett Laursen Will There Be A Red Card
Total Assists - Amos Pieper Total Goals - Jacob Barrett Laursen Total Shots On Goal - Jacob Bruun Larsen Will There Be An Own Goal
Total Assists - Andrej Kramaric Total Goals - Jacob Bruun Larsen Total Shots On Goal - Joakim Nilsson Win Both Halves - Away
Total Assists - Arne Maier Total Goals - Joakim Nilsson Total Shots On Goal - Kevin Akpoguma Win Both Halves - Home
Total Assists - Cebio Soukou Total Goals - Kevin Akpoguma Total Shots On Goal - Kevin Vogt Win to Nil - Away
Total Assists - Cedric Brunner Total Goals - Kevin Vogt Total Shots On Goal - Manuel Prietl Win to Nil - Away - 1st Half
Total Assists - Christian Gebauer Total Goals - Left Footed Total Shots On Goal - Marcel Hartel Win to Nil - Home
Total Assists - Christoph Baumgartner Total Goals - Manuel Prietl Total Shots On Goal - Mijat Gacinovic Win to Nil - Home - 1st Half
Total Assists - Dennis Geiger Total Goals - Marcel Hartel    
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