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Leeds vs Brighton on (Round 1) Match Betting
Betting Agencies  
Leeds Draw Brighton Last Updated
2.29 3.57 3.29
2.25 3.55 3.15
2.25 3.50 3.10
2.25 3.40 3.00
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Match Betting Total Assists - Daniel Johnson Burn Total Goals - Percy Tau Away Team To Score
Asian Handicap Total Assists - Davy Propper Total Goals - Right Footed Away Team To Score - 1st Half
Handicap 3 Way Total Assists - Diego Llorente Total Goals - Rodrigo Away Team To Score - 2nd Half
Game Total Total Assists - Ezgjan Alioski Total Goals - Rodrigo Moreno Both Teams to Score
1st Half Winner Total Assists - Jack Harrison Total Goals - Solly March Both Teams to Score - 1st Half
1st Half Handicap Total Assists - Leandro Trossard Total Goals - Steven Alzate Both Teams to Score - 2nd Half
1st Half Total Total Assists - Lewis Dunk Total Goals - Stuart Dallas Clean Sheet - Away
2nd Half Winner Total Assists - Neal Maupay Total Goals - Tyler Roberts Clean Sheet - Home
2nd Half Handicap Total Assists - Pascal Gross Total Goals - Yves Bissouma Consecutive Goals
2nd Half Total Total Assists - Patrick Bamford Total Offsides Consecutive Goals - Away
45min Asian Handicap Total Assists - Rodrigo Moreno Total Offsides - Away Consecutive Goals - Home
Draw No Bet Total Assists - Stuart Dallas Total Offsides - Home Correct Score
Draw No Bet - 1st Half Total Assists - Yves Bissouma Total Pass Attempts - Alireza Jahanbakhsh Correct Score - 1st Half
Draw No Bet - 2nd Half Total Cards Total Pass Attempts - Daniel Johnson Burn Correct Score - 2nd Half
First Card Total Cards - Away Total Pass Attempts - Davy Propper Either Team To Score
First Corner Total Cards - Away - 1st Half Total Pass Attempts - Ezgjan Alioski Either Team To Score - 1st Half
First Corner - 1st Half Total Cards - Away - 2nd Half Total Pass Attempts - Jack Harrison First Goal Method
Last Card Total Cards - Home Total Pass Attempts - Leandro Trossard First Goal Time
Last Corner Total Cards - Home - 1st Half Total Pass Attempts - Lewis Dunk Goal In Both Halves
Last Corner - 1st Half Total Cards - Home - 2nd Half Total Pass Attempts - Neal Maupay Goal In Both Nets
Last Team Yellow Card Total Cards - Yellow Total Pass Attempts - Pascal Gross Goal In First 15 Minutes
Leader After 60 Mins Total Cards - Yellow - 1st Half Total Pass Attempts - Patrick Bamford Goalscorer - Anytime
Most Cards Total Cards - Yellow - 2nd Half Total Pass Attempts - Rodrigo Moreno Goalscorer - Anytime - 1st Half
Most Corners Total Corners Total Pass Attempts - Stuart Dallas Goalscorer - Anytime - 2nd Half
Most Corners - 1st Half Total Corners - 1st Half Total Pass Attempts - Yves Bissouma Goalscorer - First
Most Corners - 2nd Half Total Corners - 2nd Half Total Saves Goalscorer - First And Last
Most Fouls Total Corners - Away Total Shots Goalscorer - First Or Last
Most Offsides Total Corners - Away - 1st Half Total Shots - Alireza Jahanbakhsh Goalscorer - Last
Most Saves Total Corners - Away - 2nd Half Total Shots - Away HT/FT Double
Most Shots Total Corners - Home Total Shots - Daniel Johnson Burn Half With Most Corners
Most Shots On Target Total Corners - Home - 1st Half Total Shots - Davy Propper Hat Trick Scored?
Most Throw Ins Total Corners - Home - 2nd Half Total Shots - Diego Llorente Highest Scoring Half
Most Yellow Cards Total First Over Runs - Away - 1st Half Total Shots - Ezgjan Alioski Home Team To Score
Most Yellow Cards - 1st Half Total Fouls Total Shots - Home Home Team To Score - 1st Half
Race To 3 Total Fouls - Away Total Shots - Jack Harrison Home Team To Score - 2nd Half
Team To Kick Off Total Fouls - Home Total Shots - Leandro Trossard Man of the Match
Team To Score First Total Goals - Adam Lallana Total Shots - Lewis Dunk Margin Betting
Team To Score First - 1st Half Total Goals - Adam Webster Total Shots - Neal Maupay Margin Betting - 1st Half
Team To Score First - 2nd Half Total Goals - Alireza Jahanbakhsh Total Shots - Pascal Gross Match Odds And Both Teams To Score
Team To Score First DNB Total Goals - Ben White Total Shots - Patrick Bamford Player Sent Off?
Team To Score Last Total Goals - Dan Burn Total Shots - Rodrigo Moreno Player To Be Carded
Team To Score Last - 1st Half Total Goals - Daniel Johnson Burn Total Shots - Stuart Dallas Teams to Score
Team To Score Last - 2nd Half Total Goals - Danny Welbeck Total Shots - Yves Bissouma Time of First Goal
Team To Score Last DNB Total Goals - Davy Propper Total Shots On Goal - Alireza Jahanbakhsh To Be Sent Off
Win Both Halves Total Goals - Diego Llorente Total Shots On Goal - Daniel Johnson Burn To Score 2 Or More Goals
Win Either Half Total Goals - Ezgjan Alioski Total Shots On Goal - Davy Propper To Score a Hat Trick
Cards Handicap Total Goals - Helder Costa Total Shots On Goal - Diego Llorente To Win To Nil
Corners Handicap Total Goals - Jack Harrison Total Shots On Goal - Ezgjan Alioski Total Brackets - Away
Corners Handicap - 1st Half Total Goals - Jamie Shackleton Total Shots On Goal - Jack Harrison Total Brackets - Home
Fouls Handicap Total Goals - Joel Veltman Total Shots On Goal - Leandro Trossard Total Corners Brackets - 1st Half
Shots Handicap Total Goals - Leandro Trossard Total Shots On Goal - Lewis Dunk Total Corners Brackets - 2nd Half
Shots On Target Handicap Total Goals - Left Footed Total Shots On Goal - Neal Maupay Total Goals Brackets
Yellow Cards Handicap Total Goals - Leif Davis Total Shots On Goal - Pascal Gross Will There Be A Penalty
Throw Ins Total Total Goals - Lewis Dunk Total Shots On Goal - Patrick Bamford Will There Be A Red Card
Total - Away Total Goals - Liam Cooper Total Shots On Goal - Rodrigo Moreno Will There Be An Own Goal
Total - Away - 1st Half Total Goals - Luke Ayling Total Shots On Goal - Stuart Dallas Win Both Halves - Away
Total - Away - 2nd Half Total Goals - Mateusz Klich Total Shots On Goal - Yves Bissouma Win Both Halves - Home
Total - Home Total Goals - Neal Maupay Total Shots On Target Win to Nil - Away
Total - Home - 1st Half Total Goals - Pablo Hernandez Total Shots On Target - Away Win to Nil - Away - 1st Half
Total - Home - 2nd Half Total Goals - Pascal Gross Total Shots On Target - Home Win to Nil - Home
Total Assists - Alireza Jahanbakhsh Total Goals - Patrick Bamford Any Team 3 Unanswered Goals Win to Nil - Home - 1st Half
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