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St Kilda vs Carlton at Marvel Stadium on (Round 20) Total Disposals - Kysaiah Pickett
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Match Betting Total - Home - 4th Qtr Total Disposals - Tom De Koning Total Goals - Patrick Cripps
Handicap Betting Total Behinds Total Disposals - Tom Williamson Total Goals - Rowan Marshall
Game Total Total Behinds - 1st Half Total Disposals - Zac Fisher Total Goals - Ryan Byrnes
1st Half Winner Total Behinds - 2nd Half Total Disposals - Zak Jones Total Goals - Sam Walsh
1st Half Handicap Total Behinds - 1st Qtr Total Fantasy Points - Brad Crouch Total Goals - Sebastian Ross
1st Half Total Total Behinds - 2nd Qtr Total Fantasy Points - Bradley Hill Total Goals - Tim Membrey
2nd Half Winner Total Behinds - 3rd Qtr Total Fantasy Points - Ed Curnow Total Goals - Tom De Koning
2nd Half Handicap Total Behinds - 4th Qtr Total Fantasy Points - Jack Sinclair Total Goals - Zac Fisher
2nd Half Total Total Behinds - Away Total Fantasy Points - Jack Steele 1st Scoring Play
1st Quarter Winner Total Behinds - Away - 1st Qtr Total Fantasy Points - Luke Dunstan 1st Scoring Play - 2nd Qtr
2nd Quarter Winner Total Behinds - Home Total Fantasy Points - Matthew Kennedy 1st Scoring Play - 3rd Qtr
3rd Quarter Winner Total Behinds - Home - 1st Qtr Total Fantasy Points - Nic Newman 1st Scoring Play - 4th Qtr
4th Quarter Winner Total Disposals - Adam Saad Total Fantasy Points - Patrick Cripps Goalscorer - Anytime
Race To 15 Total Disposals - Away Total Fantasy Points - Sam Walsh Goalscorer - Anytime - 1st Half
Race To 15 - DNB Total Disposals - Ben Long Total Fantasy Points - Sebastian Ross Goalscorer - Anytime - 2nd Half
Race To 15 - DNB - 1st Qtr Total Disposals - Brad Crouch Total Goals Goalscorer - Anytime - 1st Qtr
Race To 20 Total Disposals - Bradley Hill Total Goals - 1st Half Goalscorer - First
Race To 20 - DNB Total Disposals - Callum Wilkie Total Goals - 2nd Half Goalscorer - First - 1st Qtr
Race To 25 Total Disposals - Charlie Curnow Total Goals - 1st Qtr Goalscorer - First - 2nd Qtr
Race To 25 - DNB Total Disposals - Dan Butler Total Goals - 2nd Qtr Goalscorer - First - 3rd Qtr
Race To 30 - DNB Total Disposals - Daniel McKenzie Total Goals - 3rd Qtr Goalscorer - First - 4th Qtr
Race To 40 - DNB Total Disposals - Dean Kent Total Goals - 4th Qtr Goalscorer - First - Away
Race To 50 - DNB Total Disposals - Dougal Howard Total Goals - Away Goalscorer - First - Home
Team To Kick 1st Goal Total Disposals - Ed Curnow Total Goals - Away - 1st Half Goalscorer - Last
Team To Score First - 3rd Qtr Total Disposals - Harry McKay Total Goals - Away - 2nd Half Goalscorer - Last - 1st Qtr
Team To Score First DNB Total Disposals - Home Total Goals - Away - 1st Qtr Goalscorer - Last - 2nd Qtr
Team To Score First DNB - 1st Qtr Total Disposals - Hunter Clark Total Goals - Away - 2nd Qtr Goalscorer - Last - 3rd Qtr
Team To Score First DNB - 2nd Qtr Total Disposals - Jack Billings Total Goals - Away - 3rd Qtr HT/FT Double
Team To Score First DNB - 3rd Qtr Total Disposals - Jack Higgins Total Goals - Away - 4th Qtr Highest Scoring Half
Team To Score First DNB - 4th Qtr Total Disposals - Jack Martin Total Goals - Ben Long Highest Scoring Quarter
Team To Score Last DNB Total Disposals - Jack Newnes Total Goals - Brad Crouch Last Scoring Play
Team With Highest Scoring Quarter Total Disposals - Jack Silvagni Total Goals - Dan Butler Last Scoring Play - 1st Qtr
Win The Toss Total Disposals - Jack Sinclair Total Goals - Daniel Butler Last Scoring Play - 2nd Qtr
1st Quarter Handicap Total Disposals - Jack Steele Total Goals - Daniel McKenzie Last Scoring Play - 3rd Qtr
2nd Quarter Handicap Total Disposals - Jacob Weitering Total Goals - Ed Curnow Margin 12.5 - 1st Qtr
3rd Quarter Handicap Total Disposals - Jimmy Webster Total Goals - Harry McKay Margin 12.5 - 2nd Qtr
4th Quarter Handicap Total Disposals - Lachlan Plowman Total Goals - Home Margin 20 Point Splits
1st Quarter Total Total Disposals - Leo Connolly Total Goals - Home - 1st Half Margin 24.5
2nd Quarter Total Total Disposals - Liam Jones Total Goals - Home - 2nd Half Margin 39.5
3rd Quarter Total Total Disposals - Liam Stocker Total Goals - Home - 1st Qtr Margin Betting
4th Quarter Total Total Disposals - Luke Dunstan Total Goals - Home - 2nd Qtr Margin Betting - 1st Half
Total - Away Total Disposals - Matthew Cottrell Total Goals - Home - 3rd Qtr Margin Betting - 2nd Half
Total - Away - 1st Half Total Disposals - Matthew Kennedy Total Goals - Home - 4th Qtr Margin Betting - 1st Qtr
Total - Away - 2nd Half Total Disposals - Nic Newman Total Goals - Jack Billings Margin Betting - 2nd Qtr
Total - Away - 1st Qtr Total Disposals - Nick Coffield Total Goals - Jack Higgins Quarter by Quarter Leader
Total - Away - 2nd Qtr Total Disposals - Paddy Dow Total Goals - Jack Martin Time of First Goal
Total - Away - 3rd Qtr Total Disposals - Paddy Ryder Total Goals - Jack Newnes To Score 2 Or More Goals
Total - Away - 4th Qtr Total Disposals - Patrick Cripps Total Goals - Jack Silvagni Tri-Bets
Total - Home Total Disposals - Rowan Marshall Total Goals - Jack Steele Tri-Bets 12.5
Total - Home - 1st Half Total Disposals - Ryan Byrnes Total Goals - Marc Murphy Tri-Bets 15.5
Total - Home - 2nd Half Total Disposals - Sam Petrevski Seton Total Goals - Matt Owies Tri-Bets 24.5
Total - Home - 1st Qtr Total Disposals - Sam Walsh Total Goals - Matthew Kennedy Tri-Bets 39.5
Total - Home - 2nd Qtr Total Disposals - Sebastian Ross Total Goals - Max King Tri-Bets 6.5
Total - Home - 3rd Qtr Total Disposals - Tim Membrey    
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